Working to replace belief with knowledge in democratic policy making.

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It is my intention to apply my newly definitive knowledge/belief differentiation to show that commentaries in the media on government policies are never more than contributions supportive of one side or the other, whether the topic be on climate change, alternate energy sources, NHS, crime control, educational practice, human relations, or whatever; that all such commentaries are thus merely contributions to on-going debates of opinion/counter-opinion; that such debate is merely the debate of belief/ counter-belief, respectively supported by partially selected facts/counter-facts, evidence/counter-evidence and news/false-news, no set of which is debate-terminating conclusive knowledge; that the only way to reach a debate-terminating conclusion is to replace belief/counter-belief with definitive knowledge already available, or to agree that such knowledge is as yet unavailable, and needs to be acquired by the reality-evaluation of such beliefs and/or counter-beliefs to positive or negative conclusive knowledge in compliance with the definitive knowledge/belief differentiation which is the foundation of my Campaign for Knowledge to Replace Belief.

Recent Articles & Analysis

  • Article 84
    Overview Of The Need For Knowledge To Replace Belief In Policy-Making. At this point, I refer to an article Sherelle Jacobs, which appeared in The Daily Telegraph of 9/11/21 entitled ‘After 11 Years of Tory rule, Britain is still ruled by a hypocritical Blairite elite’ It opened with the question: ‘who really runs Britain’? ‘The […]
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    Watch this space for up to date articles about the campaign and political analysis.
  • Article 83
    Promulgation Of My Newly Definitive Knowledge/Belief Differentiation. Long before my above book had shown that our imaginations are stimulated by reality to rational beliefs transformable to knowledge by evaluation of their compliance or non-compliance with this reality, or to beliefs beyond this reality-evaluation in principle or pro tem practice and which can thus only be […]
  • Article 82
    The Differentiation Of Science From Non-science (Nonsense). With this website having set out the means by which I definitively differentiate knowledge from belief, and having thus set out my conclusions that all attempts to make progress through freedom of speech are futile as yet, and will be, as long as all that is spoken of […]
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