The Rational Trinity: Imagination, Belief and Knowledge

This New Book (March 2010) is the first to define the difference between knowledge and belief by showing that reality stimulates the imagination to rational beliefs transformable to knowledge by evaluation of their compliance or non-compliance with reality, or to those which can only be accepted, rejected or suspended as  beliefs beyond reality-evaluation in practice or in principle, but which cannot be accepted as knowledge.

Thus, this book shows that reality-evaluation of specific beliefs produced the craft- and self-knowledge which secured our group-species survival from time immemorial and the science and technology which enhanced our
welfare from the seventeenth century onwards, while our knowledge-based development of social cohesion was
variously disrupted by conflicting religious beliefs, by knowledge-rejecting secular beliefs or by the reaction of
ignored-reality in ways which belief is unable to anticipate and avert.

Thus, this book seeks ubiquitous acceptance that secular beliefs, whether implemented or not, must now be reality-evaluated; that the absence of reality-evaluation leads to belief-driven violence and war; and that its lax application corrupts the social, economic and environmental sciences to the pseudo-science now responsible for deteriorating personal behaviour, diminishing social cohesion, recurring financial crises, and increasing uncertainty of material and energy supply by diverting resources from real to unreal problems.

Thus, this book concludes that our current maladies can only be rectified by general recognition that knowledge-
based policies conducive to our species survival and to our social and physical welfare are properly defined as
right and good, and counter-beliefs as wrong and bad; that political manifestos must start to prioritise knowledge-based policy options and identify as such any belief-based policies necessitated by pro tern ignorance; and that this defined Change will render continuous our otherwise disrupted progress.

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