Article 50

The Ubiquitous Need For Knowledge To Replace Belief In Policy-Making.

This article recalls that the first section of this website demonstrated the continuous failure of political parties and civil servants to recognise this need in party-specific policy-making; that the second section demonstrated that while political commentators recognise the ubiquitous need for improvement in all such policy-making, none of them actually know how such improvements could be made; and that consequently they merely perpetuate the ubiquitous debate of belief/counter-belief, whatever the topic they have chosen to address; and that all of these commentators and the voting public are content with debates of opinion/counter-opinion which are never more than debates of belief/counter-belief respectively supported by partially selected facts/counter-facts, evidence/counter-evidence or news/false-news, no set of which is ever debate-terminating conclusive knowledge, while in contrast, the acquisition of cause-effect knowledge is the basis of all craftsmanship and of all experiment-based science, while the arbitrary (non-experimental) selection of cause and effect parameters denotes the pseudoscience which, though again mere belief, is now being increasingly mistaken for science by politicians, policy-makers, commentators, and voters alike.

Again, the second section of this website has recalled that UKIP, having not yet implemented any belief-only policies as a former or current government, and therefore having no belief-only past to excuse to the electorate, is well placed to introduce and to implement knowledge-only policies as a future government; that UKIP is thus the party most likely to devise and to implement knowledge-only policies, were it to gain power in a future general election; that to this end the second section of this website has provided the first demonstration that Brexit could already have been presented by UKIP as a knowledge-only policy; that independence for Scotland could already have been shown to be a belief-only policy which could be reality-refuted by a knowledge-only analysis.

Thus, I now expect the content of this website to be more acceptable to UKIP than to any other political party in the first instance; that I should accordingly now bring this website to the attention of the UKIP leadership with the intention of achieving my knowledge-only objective in collaboration with this political party more quickly and more thoroughly than with any other, and with the objective of bringing it to power more quickly than it could achieve by itself, were it to remain merely a belief-consensual party vying for power among all the others on offer. 16/4/21.

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